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At this time we are not accepting unsolicited submissions of feature films, documentaries, meditation CDs, or Music CDs
Thank you for considering Big Country Publishing! 

We will notify you via email that we received your manuscript and if your submission has been approved. Due to the high number of submissions, please allow 6-8 weeks for a response.

At this time we are no longer accepting Cookbooks, Channeled Material or Children's Books; however, chapter books for the younger reader are accepted.

We currently are focussed on high quality publications in the following areas: Self-Help, Motivational, Spirituality, Adventure, Business, Personal Growth, Sustainability, Consciousness, Happiness, Environmental, Inspirational & Healing.

Submitting Works to Big Country Publishing

Step 1: Fill out the Form Below, if your book is approved you will receive an email requesting a copy of the manuscript, book synopsis, marketing  plan, etc.

Step 2: Email your completed packet to the address provided to you in the acceptance email. The following information mus be included:

Email Submissions:
If any of the below requirements are not met, we will not accept or respond to your manuscript submission.

We prefer email submissions to be more environmentally conscious
Please send copies only, submissions will not be returned

Subject line: Submissions Editor
IMPORTANT: Manuscripts below 60,000 word count will not be considered. If any of the below items are not included in your submission, your incomplete submission will be discarded.
1. Cover letter in the body of the email- including your website, email, address and phone number
2. Book proposal & Book Marketing Plan materials as an attachment in Word or PDF format only
3. Your Book proposal should include: A brief synopsis of your book & why it is different than others on the market, Table of contents, Introduction or Preface, First 2-3 chapters, About the Author Biography, Sample artwork jpg or tiff format only (copy only) if applicable (please do not send original artwork)
4. Your Book Marketing Plan: This proposal should include your social media presence, radio show appearances, television appearances, blog articles, published magazine articles, number of followers, newsletter subscribers, youtube presence and other marketing you have already created to promote you as an expert in your field or you as an author. Please include all social media and website addresses.
5. IF YOUR BOOK HAS ALREADY BEEN PUBLISHED: You must provide us with the name of the publisher, publication date, total number of books sold through distribution and bookstores, if any eBook version or audiobook version is currently on the market, and a marketing plan including your platform as an author, number of followers, subscribers, social media platform, classes and events, etc.